Does your organisation have a Menstrual Health Policy?

If your answer is no, then we would love to jump on a call and share all the reasons as to why you should have one...

Welcome to the launch of our Period Positive Employer campaign. This campaign is led by Em Anastasi, an award winning business consultant, recruitment & retention expert, mentor with The Girls Network, UN's CSW68 Delegate, and the inspiring founder of our Social Enterprise, intheflow.

In this video, Em, shares their personal experience and how the embarrassment and shame they had felt many years ago, inspired them them to launch their own period brand, social enterprise and campaign.

It's been years in the making and this official launch marks the UN's Menstrual Hygiene Day, 28 May 2024.

intheflow's Period Positive Employer campaign, highlights the essential need to implement a menstrual health policy and normalise the discussion surrounding menstrual health. With that, it's so important to get the language right. Being a Period Positive Employer is far more than making period care available in all restrooms. Though that small act is a great start and makes a big difference, there's a lot involved for you to receive your accreditation.

This campaign has been deliberately developed to inspire employers and organisations to lead a more supportive, inclusive and empowered team. In becoming an accredited Period Positive Employer with intheflow, you pledge to not only acknowledge gender-based barriers in the workplace, you pledge to understand them and their intersectionality, to intentionally remove them. Only then, can you truly champion and celebrate equality and inclusion. (We're here to help with all of that 😉 From start to finish).

Here's an opportunity, to celebrate being a Period Positive Employer as part of your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and CSR efforts.

Your accreditation journey with intheflow, will follow a strategic framework where our consultants will provide expert guidance, policy implementation and reporting. As this partnership supports our social enterprise with donations to tackle period poverty, our sustainability consultant will provide you with an impact report and our in-house business development and marketing team will offer some inspiration on how this accreditation can be used and communicated to strengthen your employer branding, recruitment drive, professional reputation and relationships with your partners, investors and stakeholders.

There are many reasons as to why you should join this movement, but what it comes down to, is the opportunity to make a real difference to your team, community and environment.

Environmental social responsibility ✅
Ethical/human rights social responsibility ✅
Philanthropic corporate responsibility ✅
Economic corporate responsibility ✅

This is your invitation to be one of the very first, to partner with intheflow, receive your accreditation and be celebrated as a Period Positive Employer 🏅

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